One day climbing in Враца/Vratsa

First spring weekend in Bulgaria… going for climbing in Vratsa. Which is one of the most famous climbing areas in Bulgaria. With walls more than 300m high. What we did was less (240m), but still half a day in the wall and a great experience as it was the first multi rope route for me. And the first time for my climbing partner Toni to go on real rocks at all.

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Roma area in Sofia

Friday we went to “zapaden Park” (west park) behind which is situated an area were only Roma live. Just check the pictures for some impressions. If you’re planning to go your self. Wear no conspicuous cloths and take fotos only in a way that people dont recognize it.

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Last Sunday we rented a car and went to Melnik with a group of 8 People. Nice Roadtrip with a lod of homemade and sunshine in one of the most beautiful places of bulgaria.
On the way to Melnik we took a 2h break in Blagoevgrad. The center of which gives an impression of what the communist dream looked like.

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Surva Festival in Pernik

At the 29th of January the annual Surva Festival took place in Pernik (25km from Sofia). During sort of a parade groups from different villages showed masks and costumes which range from traditional to totally fictional and bizarre. For further information just check this website

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Studentski Grad

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Vitosha in winter

Fotos have been taken during a snowboarding trip in january and a hike from Studentski Grad to the top last saturday.

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Last weekend we were a huge crowd of 30 people who went together to Istanbul from friday til sunday. Istanbul is a totally interesting place. Its really hard to describe the mood there. Not europe anymore but also not Asia. I was definately suprised by the western appearance of the people and the low number of headscarfs. But the nightlife and shopping culture is definately different from everything else Ive seen in Europe until then. Life happens on the streets and back in Germany one can only see such masses of people on special occasions like festivals. But in Istanbul it seems to be like that each night. But mainly I did all the random tourist stuff, so theres not too much stories to tell.

Just one more thing. We stayed in “Soho Hostel”, this place sucks. If you wanna visit Istanbul, dont go there!! Also taking a nightbus is shit, cause the border is right in the middle and takes more than one hour and also they do a lot of stops with switching lights on. If you dont care about this, with only 30€ for a return ticket its the cheapest way to get there.

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